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Promotes Healthy Inflammatory Responses and Tissue Repair*

InflammEnz™ provides a powerful blend of non-animal derived proteolytic enzymes, Bromelain and pHysioProtease®, plus antioxidant nutrients proven in a published medical study to significantly reduce inflammation and accelerate soft tissue healing.*

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  • Supports the body’s normal inflammatory response easing soft tissue swelling, bruising, and discomfort following trauma or surgery*
  • Activates plasma α-2-macroglobulins helping to facilitate the binding and rapid elimination of pro-inflammatory cytokines*
  • Assists in maintaining normal capillary strength and permeability at sites of tissue damage which may reduce bruising*
  • Encourages a healthy reduction in swelling and discomfort by aiding in the removal of dead tissue and excess interstitial fluid*
  • Protects against tissue damage caused by oxidative stress using potent antioxidant nutrients to neutralize free radicals*
  • Helps maintain normal fibrin levels promoting healthy blood flow and the delivery of healing factors to the site of soft tissue trauma*
  • Attenuates exercise-induced muscle soreness due to inflammation, speeding up recovery time*
  • Provides natural relief in acute and chronic situations without causing harm to healthy tissue or producing adverse side effects*

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See How Your Patients Can Benefit from InflammEnz™

Studies show that InflammEnz™ has a remarkable effect on the healing process when taken immediately following soft tissue trauma allowing patients to return to their normal lifestyles much sooner.*

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