Decades of Experience Providing Professional Strength Supplements

Our Story

ProEnzol is the premier brand of professional-quality, enzyme-based nutritional supplements offered by Enzymes Inc exclusively through qualified healthcare professionals.


Professional enzyme-based formulations introduced under BioSET®

By the late ’90s, Lynn Greaves, vice president of Enzymes Inc, had spent most of her career collaborating with healthcare professionals to create many different types of nutritional products. Yet, an overwhelming need for a comprehensive line of professional nutritional supplements that consistently and effectively addressed common health concerns remained. With this in mind, she assembled a team comprised of leading doctors in the medical and chiropractic fields and nutritional biochemists, all well-informed and highly proficient in integrative and functional medicine. This outstanding team began developing the highest quality, most effective, professional-quality supplements possible. They took advantage of new enzyme technology, the availability of more powerful nutritional ingredients, and seventy years of clinical success with other Enzymes Inc products to accomplish this task. Months of clinical and scientific research culminated in 1999 with a complete line of innovative formulations providing high-potency, broad-spectrum digestive and systemic enzymes.


First of hundreds of professional seminars and conventions

Under the guidance of its new owners, Lynn and Jim Greaves, Enzymes Inc embarked upon an extensive seminar and convention schedule educating healthcare practitioners on the health benefits of adding these exceptional formulations to their treatment protocols. Initially available under the BioSET® and, more recently, ProSol™ labels, these professional formulations have been clinically recommended to enhance patient outcomes in various healthcare practices for two decades.


University of Texas SW Medical School confirms benefits of pHysioProtease®

The initial thirty-eight formulations introduced in 1999 under the BioSET® label became the foundation for many new and updated products in subsequent years. The results of clinical trials in the late ’90s combined with the findings of a 2004 published study conducted by the University of Texas Southwest Medical School supported the anti-inflammatory properties of the proprietary enzyme blend, pHysioProtease®. This anti-inflammatory enzyme blend was included in nearly all systemic formulations in this new line of professional products.


The highly effective Gluten Digestion comes to market with ProteaseGL™

First made available to healthcare practitioners in 2007, the ever-popular Gluten Digestion (now Gluten DigestEnz™) provides a proprietary blend of proteolytic digestive enzymes, ProteaseGL™. Laboratory research has shown this unique blend is exceptionally effective at breaking down hard-to-digest gluten in grain-containing foods helping to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort. Incomplete digestion of gluten damages the intestinal villi resulting in malabsorption of nutrients, inflammation in the digestive tract, and other serious health issues.


BioSET® becomes ProSol™

Looking to broaden the focus of our company’s research and educational efforts, Enzymes Inc ended its relationship with BioSET® in 2008. All formulations under the BioSET® brand remained with Enzymes Inc and became ProSol™ at that time. The ProSol™ brand of professional enzyme-based supplements continued to be sought out by healthcare practitioners for nearly 12 years.


Our most powerful digestion product Digest Plus™ comes to market

In 2013, technological advances in concentrating enzymes made it possible to offer Digest Plus™ (now DigestEnz Plus™), one of the highest-potency, broad-spectrum digestive enzyme supplements on the market today. Closely aligned with a leading manufacturer of top-quality enzyme supplements, Enzymes Inc has had access to over 70 years of enzyme research and the latest developments in enzyme manufacturing since its inception.


Serratiopeptidase added to Soft Tissue to improve its results

The musculoskeletal category was significantly improved in 2014 with the potent anti-inflammatory enzyme Serratiopeptidase to Soft Tissue (now InflammEnz Plus™) and Disc & Joint. Recognized in Europe for years as beneficial, a consistently high-quality source of this proteolytic enzyme finally became available. In combination with pHysioProtease® and Bromelain, Serratiopeptidase works with the body’s innate healing mechanisms to help accelerate soft tissue repair.


Apple PrePectin™ included in all Probiotic products

With the introduction of Probiotic 18 (now Probiotic 25) in 2015, the probiotic category began including Apple PrePectin™ in all its probiotic products. The health benefits of probiotic supplementation are often not realized because many probiotic organisms die during the digestive process. Those that make it to the colon do not have adequate nutrition to survive. The proprietary blend of apple pectin and apple fiber in Apple PrePectin™ helps protect the beneficial microorganisms from destruction by stomach acid and serves as a prebiotic, nourishing the beneficial microorganisms in the colon.


Cardiovascular provides greater benefits with the addition of Nattokinase

We updated the cardiovascular category in 2016 with the highly effective fibrinolytic enzyme Nattokinase to Cardiovascular. Substantial research supports Nattokinase in promoting healthy coronary blood flow by protecting against thrombi accumulation on blood vessel walls. This special enzyme works synergistically with the cardiotropic herbal extracts and nutrients in Cardiovascular to support long-term heart and vascular health.


Neuro HPA Calm™ and Memory & Focus expand our neurological category

In 2018, two new products, Neuro HPA Calm™ and Memory & Focus, joined Rest (now Somnazol™) to broaden the neurological support category. Neuro HPA Calm™ promotes healthy nervous and endocrine system responses to stress, helping to calm occasional anxiety resulting from over-activation of the HPA-axis. Memory & Focus supports normal neurotransmitter activity, helping maintain healthy cognitive functions, including recall, clarity, alertness, and concentration.


ProSol™ becomes ProEnzol®

Due to the ever-increasing number of start-up nutritional supplement companies entering the market, we decided in 2020 to change the brand name from ProSol™ to ProEnzol® to secure protection for decades of intellectual property. With this change came an update to the logo and label designs, but, please rest assured, the ProEnzol® product line contains the same high quality formulations trusted by thousands of health care practitioners since 1999. Keeping up with the latest research, technological advancements, and clinical applications involving enzymes and other nutritional ingredients will allow ProEnzol® to continue providing highly effective, innovative professional supplements in the future.