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Improving The Practitioner-Patient Relationship

Healthcare practitioners who recommend ProEnzol supplements in their practices know we are passionate about helping patients live healthier lives.

Healthcare professionals like yourself have relied on our enzyme and probiotic-based formulations for more than two decades to produce optimal patient outcomes.

We know who we are and what we do best. We formulate the highest quality, most effective, evidence-based supplements to help support practitioners in treating a wide range of health concerns. With this in mind, we firmly believe a practitioner-patient relationship is necessary to obtain the best possible results from nutritional supplementation and that is why ProEnzol is available exclusively through healthcare professionals.

Created to Meet the Needs of Healthcare Practitioners

Recommended in Clinics Worldwide for More than Two Decades

Since our inception in 1999, thousands of healthcare professionals have been recommending our superior-quality, professional-strength formulations to their patients. These practitioners trust that our formulations will consistently produce exceptional patient outcomes. If you want results, look no further than ProEnzol.

Committed to Product Excellence

Remains Family-Owned and Operated with a Unified Mission of Helping People Achieve Optimum Health and Wellness

First and second-generation family members and our extended family of exceptional employees share a commitment to support healthcare professionals in helping their patients live healthier lives. We focus on what we do best—formulating enzyme and probiotic-based supplements unsurpassed in quality, safety, and effectiveness and educating health professionals on optimal clinical use.

Counted on to Support the Practitioner

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