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The Hassle-Free, No-Risk Way to Manage Nutrition in a Practice.

ProEnzol Direct, our online virtual dispensary, was created to simplify nutritional supplementation for both healthcare professionals and their patients.

Healthcare professionals no longer have to worry about managing a supplement inventory or training staff to handle supplement sales, both of which can complicate an already busy practice. Patients enjoy the convenience of ordering their practitioner-recommended supplements from a reliable, online source that delivers directly to their door.  ProEnzol Direct is a fast and easy way to expand the capabilities of any practice resulting in better patient care and additional practice revenue.


Better Compliance

Improves patient compliance by allowing easy ordering of recommended supplements on the ProEnzol website.

Treatment Continuity

Strengthens the practitioner-patient relationship by making it convenient for the patient to continue taking supplements recommended by their practitioner in-between office visits.

No Inventory

Eliminates the logistical and training complications and the financial risk of maintaining a supplement inventory in a practice.

Prescriptions to Purchases

Offers a simple way to convert supplement recommendations by the practitioner into supplement purchases by the patient.

Increase Revenue

Provides an opportunity to increase practice revenue with rebates earned on each patient purchase made on ProEnzol Direct.


24/7 Access

Patients have 24/7 online access to the ProEnzol supplements recommended by their healthcare practitioner using a unique code provided by their practitioner.

Convenience and Ease

Allows patients to continue taking ProEnzol supplements recommended by their healthcare practitioner when in-office visits may not be possible.

Direct to the Door

Simplifies patient purchases of ProEnzol supplements and delivers them directly to the patient’s door.

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