Disc & Joint

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Helps Promote Comfort, Mobility and Structural Integrity*

Disc & Joint provides a therapeutically-effective blend of cytokine-blocking, non-animal derived proteolytic enzymes including Serratiopeptidase, Bromelain and pHysioProtease® plus potent herbal extracts including Boswellia and bioactive nutrients including MSM to promote comfortable disc and joint flexibility while helping to maintain healthy cartilage.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Helps maintain healthy joint and vertebral disc structure and function*
  • Supports the formation of new cartilage and other connective tissue*
  • Boosts the body’s antioxidant defenses to help protect against oxidative damage to cartilage*
  • Promotes a normal inflammatory response which may expedite tissue repair*
  • Encourages the reduction of swelling and stiffness by helping to facilitate the removal of dead tissue and excess interstitial fluid*
  • Induces cytokine balance in nerve tissue which may help relieve discomfort*

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