Bone Matrix™

Dairy FreeGluten FreeSoy FreeVegan

Assists in Maintaining Normal Bone Mineral Density*

Bone Matrix™ provides a supportive blend of seven bioavailable minerals, two essential vitamins and two botanical extracts including non-soy Genistein plus absorption-enhancing enzymes from non-animal sources to promote the normal formation and maintenance of strong, healthy bone tissue.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Helps maintain normal blood calcium levels preventing calcium depletion from the bones*
  • Promotes healthy mineralization of the bone matrix for greater bone mineral density*
  • Protects against weakened bones by helping to regulate bone cell metabolism in favor of bone formation rather than bone loss*
  • Supports bone development and regeneration by promoting proliferation and function of osteoblasts while helping to limit osteoclast activity*
  • Influences serum levels and actions of hormones involved in normal bone growth and turnover*
  • Provides cofactors for enzymes that play key roles in the production and cross-linking of bone matrix collagen and proteoglycans, necessary for optimal bone strength*
  • Enhances the breakdown of dietary protein to amino acids used to build and maintain the organic matrix of bone tissue*
  • Assists in facilitating the formation and deposition of hydroxyapatite in the bone matrix*
  • Encourages mineral absorption and metabolism needed for healthy bone tissue formation*
  • Reduces the binding of dietary phytates to minerals, enhancing their absorption*

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