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Assists in Maintaining Healthy Venous and Capillary Blood Flow*

CirculEnz provides a modulating blend of potent botanical extracts including Horse Chestnut and Diosmin, plus powerful systemic enzymes from non-animal sources to support healthy structure and function of veins and capillaries, helping to maintain adequate peripheral blood flow.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Promotes normal circulation in the peripheral veins and capillaries, which may protect against cold hypersensitivity, visibly dilated veins, skin discoloration, tissue fibrosis and other discomfort related to poor venous function in the extremities*
  • Assists the body in returning blood from the legs and feet back to the heart by helping to retain healthy vascular tension and venous walls/valves*
  • Supports normal capillary strength and permeability, which may help relieve swelling and bruising in the lower extremities due to fluid leakage into interstitial tissue*
  • Aids in maintaining normal blood viscosity and coagulability through its beneficial influence on platelet aggregation and fibrinolysis*
  • Encourages a healthy inflammatory response by helping to modulate the release of inflammatory mediators, leukocyte migration and vascular endothelial function*
  • Provides powerful antioxidant phytochemicals to augment the body’s defense against oxidative damage to blood vessels*

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