Practitioner Exclusive Policy

ProEnzol Cannot Be Purchased on Mass Market Websites or at Retail Outlets.

Committed to continuing to provide high-quality, professional-strength nutritional supplements exclusively through qualified healthcare practitioners, we will not allow ProEnzol supplements to be sold through online mass market resellers or distributors, or through retail outlets. This is not the case with many other professional supplement companies who claim to sell products only to healthcare practitioners, yet patients can purchase these professional products on a variety of consumer websites (Amazon, e-Vitamins, Pure Formulas, e-Bay, etc.) and/or in retail outlets (CVS, Walmart, etc.). Decades of experience working with thousands of healthcare practitioners have provided us with ample evidence supporting our position that a patient’s outcome is significantly better when nutritional supplementation is implemented under the guidance of a qualified health professional familiar with a patient’s health history. We are taking the necessary contractual and operational steps to assure healthcare practitioners that ProEnzol supplements will only be available to patients in their offices, on their password-protected websites, or through their participation in the ProEnzol Direct Program.

ProEnzol Values the Role of Healthcare Practitioners in Recommending Supplements.

We appreciate the time and effort required to learn how to effectively use nutritional therapy in healthcare practices and then to properly educate patients on the benefits of nutritional supplementation. Therefore, we believe it is in everyone’s best interest to encourage patients to obtain their nutritional supplements from healthcare practitioners who will recommend them based on a thorough evaluation of a patient’s health profile. Before the marketing appeal of the Internet, popular professional supplement brands currently being sold online actually put the quality of patient care first, recognizing the merits of having the expertise of a healthcare practitioner integrally involved in the recommendation of their supplements. Now, patients are choosing professional supplements to address their health concerns based on online product claims and the best price rather than clinical assessments made by well-trained healthcare practitioners. By not only allowing but in many cases promoting this scenario, online professional supplement brands are harming the practitioner-patient relationship because healthcare practitioners have essentially lost control of a beneficial tool in helping their patients restore and maintain optimum health. ProEnzol remains loyal to healthcare practitioners who commit to dispensing our professional supplements in their practices by making every effort to stop the unauthorized resale of ProEnzol products.

ProEnzol’s Practitioner-Exclusive Policy Protects the Patient

Online shopping for professional nutritional supplements offers many features desirable to a patient, particularly convenience and easy access to products. However, in our opinion, the negative impact on the quality of patient care from these online purchases of professional supplements far outweighs the benefits. ProEnzol supplements are intended to be used in conjunction with a treatment protocol implemented by a healthcare practitioner. We provide the practitioner with in-depth ingredient and potency information for this purpose. When a healthcare practitioner is involved, a patient’s questions or concerns regarding supplement usage are addressed in a prompt and accurate manner by a person familiar with the patient’s health as well as the mechanism of action of the supplement. When professional supplements are being sold by multiple e-storefronts and e-commerce sites, the response to a patient’s inquiry is not considered urgent and is frequently made by other users of the site or customer service personnel, none of whom are sufficiently trained in the use of nutritional supplements. This is of particular concern when questions arise concerning ingredient interactions or adverse reactions. In addition to inadequate patient communication and support posing a health risk, patients purchasing professional supplements through online retail sites may not be receiving the high-quality product they are expecting. Products that contain heat/humidity-sensitive ingredients are easily mishandled by online resellers because they do not accommodate the special storage conditions required to retain the product’s full potency. All ProEnzol supplements that contain enzymes or probiotics, must be kept in dry, cool conditions to protect labeled potency. By controlling the distribution and storage of ProEnzol supplements, a patient has a greater assurance the supplement provided by a healthcare practitioner meets label claims. Selling ProEnzol supplements exclusively through healthcare practitioners also eliminates the possibility of unscrupulous online resellers repackaging and selling expired product, tampering with product labels, and even selling counterfeit products. Our ProEnzol Direct Program answers a patient’s desire for online convenience while at the same time assuring the patient will receive practitioner support and uncompromised products.

ProEnzol is Not Like Other Professional Supplements.

The quality and balance of ingredients in ProEnzol formulations are far superior to many professional products sold online or in stores, as they are intended to be included in the treatment protocols of healthcare practitioners where reliable patient outcomes are expected. In our experience, patients who circumvent the healthcare practitioner by purchasing a product similar to a ProEnzol formulation from an online website or retail store will generally be disappointed by the results. There are many factors involved in formulating a nutritional supplement that cannot be reflected on the label yet a product is considered similar to another based primarily on label information. For this reason, we have decided to make it more difficult to “comparison shop” our supplements online or in retail outlets by only disclosing ingredient potencies for our supplements to healthcare practitioners through their exclusive access to complete product information on the ProEnzol website. Our product labels provide only a list of ingredients without potencies indicated. Healthcare practitioners choose to recommend ProEnzol supplements to their patients because they trust in their effectiveness. We do not want patients to be misled into thinking a product with similar label information as a ProEnzol supplement will yield the same therapeutic results.