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Supports Healthy Digestion and Absorption of Food Nutrients*

DigestEnz™ provides a well-balanced, broad-spectrum blend of acid-resistant, non-animal derived digestive enzymes to assist the body’s own enzymes in more thoroughly breaking down and assimilating dietary protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber under all gastrointestinal pH conditions, making food nutrients more readily available for optimal absorption.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Provides digestive support in both the stomach and intestines*
  • Supplements salivary, gastric, pancreatic and intestinal brush border enzymes*
  • Promotes optimal digestion of all food groups helping to avoid food intolerances*
  • Supports the breakdown of lactose (milk sugar), sucrose (table sugar) and raffinose (bean sugar)*
  • Increases food nutrient availability and assimilation*
  • Conserves metabolic energy by assisting the body in digestion*
  • Helps relieve occasional indigestion, bloating, flatulence and/or irregularity*

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