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Protecting the Practitioner-Patient Relationship

Available Exclusively Through Healthcare Professionals

Decades of experience have taught us nutritional supplement recommendations based on clinical assessments by well-trained healthcare practitioners consistently produce better results than nutritional supplement decisions based on self-diagnosis and advertising claims.

We know who we are and what we do best: formulating the highest quality, most effective, evidence-based supplements to help support a wide range of specific health concerns. That is why ProEnzol is only available through healthcare professionals. We firmly believe a practitioner-patient relationship is necessary to obtain the best possible results from nutritional supplementation.

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Easy, Effective Nutritional Supplementation

Optimal Patient Outcomes Without Complicated Protocols

A team of physicians and biochemists formulated ProEnzol to eliminate complicated protocols recommending multiple unrelated supplements to address a particular health concern.

Each ProEnzol supplement supports a specific structure/function in the body with only therapeutically effective amounts of clinically proven active ingredients to achieve the desired patient outcome. ProEnzol offers healthcare practitioners and their staff a much easier way to include nutrition in their practices with the desired benefits of better patient compliance and exceptional results.

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Promote Wellness with Our Specialty Supplements

Boost Digestive and Immune Health with Probiotics*

Supplying the right combinations and potencies of multiple Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains fortified with our Apple PrePectin™ prebiotic to protect the probiotics from the harsh conditions of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Help Target Key Macronutrients with Isolated Enzymes

Including a specific type of enzyme with a meal helps digest the targeted macronutrient and, when taken between meals, assists in metabolic and immune functions.

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Manage Inflammation and Modulate Immunity with pHysioProtease®*

Supporting normal inflammatory and immune responses is the sole purpose of pHysioProtease®, our most potent proprietary enzyme blend available in most systemic formulations as well as a stand-alone product.

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Ease Gluten Sensitivity with ProteaseGL™*

Focusing its digestive efforts on breaking down gluten before it can elicit an adverse reaction, this innovative, highly effective enzyme blend provides substantial DPP-IV activity.

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Featured Products

Immune URT™

A clinically effective blend of immune-boosting herbal extracts and powerful systemic enzymes to address occasional seasonal, environmental, or microbial challenges in the nasal passages, sinuses, and throat.*

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A comprehensive blend of eight therapeutic mushroom extracts plus beta-glucans and pHysioProtease® to help maintain a healthy immune system, cardiovascular function, and cognitive abilities.

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A synergistic blend of potent herbal extracts plus D-Mannose and pHysioProtease® to protect the delicate epithelial lining of the urinary tract from bacteria and calculi by promoting normal urine output and pH.

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Best Selling Products


A well-balanced, broad-spectrum blend of acid-resistant, non-animal derived digestive enzymes to assist the body’s own enzymes in making food nutrients more readily available for optimal absorption.*

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Gastro Calm

A clinically-effective blend of soothing herbal extracts to help restore and maintain healthy structure and function in the gastrointestinal tract, plus non-animal digestive enzymes to assist in releasing food nutrients for use in promoting overall health.*

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InflammEnz Plus™

An advanced, clinically-proven blend of powerful, non-animal derived proteolytic enzymes, modulating herbal extracts, and antioxidant nutrients to help maintain normal inflammatory responses and soft tissue repair and maintenance.*

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Disc & Joint

A therapeutically-effective blend of cytokine-blocking, non-animal derived proteolytic enzymes plus potent herbal extracts and bioactive nutrients to promote comfortable disc and joint flexibility while helping to maintain healthy cartilage.*

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A powerful blend of modulating herbal extracts, all-natural vitamins and bioavailable minerals to support healthy immune function by helping to maintain normal white blood cell activity.*

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Probiotic 25

Seven stabilized probiotic strains well-documented for supporting the health of intestinal and urogenital microflora combined with the natural protectant and prebiotic, Apple PrePectin™, for sustained viability.*

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ProEnzol Direct

Promoting Patient Wellbeing and Practice Success

Building and maintaining a successful healthcare practice poses its challenges. However, our ProEnzol Direct program aims to simplify the process for practitioners and enhance the experience for patients. With practitioners’ approval, patients gain 24/7 access to recommended products, encouraging patient loyalty and generating referrals.

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Quality & Efficacy

The Foundation of Our Formulations

Healthcare professionals worldwide rely on ProEnzol supplements to consistently provide the highest quality and most effective combinations of ingredients. Quality and efficacy are our primary focus when formulating a supplement and are fundamental to the clinical success of all of our products.

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