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Promotes Healthy Hormonal Balance During Menopause*

Menoproze™ provides a highly-effective blend of potent herbal extracts and natural-source bioactive nutrients plus pHysioProtease® to promote a healthy balance of estrogen and progesterone activity which may help relieve the undesirable effects of perimenopause and menopause.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Works with the body to restore and maintain healthy female hormone activity during menopause without the serious side effects of conventional hormone replacement therapy*
  • Provides potent phytoestrogens with substantially higher binding affinity for estrogen receptor β as opposed to estrogen receptor α resulting in greater health benefits*
  • Focuses on eliminating hot flashes and night sweats by helping to modulate estrogen receptors and neurotransmitter pathways, encouraging temperature homeostasis*
  • Helps relieve body aches resulting from estrogen depletion by mimicking the action of beta-endorphins at µ-opioid receptor sites*
  • Assists in reducing the occurrence of moodiness and anxiety by helping to regulate MAO activity in the brain*
  • Influences the hypothalamic serotonin pathway helping to retain normal cognitive functions, sleep quality and libido*
  • Supports healthy weight management following a decline in estrogen by having a positive effect on appetite, body mass, fat deposition, lipid metabolism and ATP synthesis*
  • Aids in maintaining strong bones by stimulating osteoblast function *
  • Acts to relieve vaginal atrophy by helping to restore normal vaginal epithelium
  • Promotes healthy inflammatory responses, vascular endothelial function and blood pressure*

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