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Natural C + Bioflavonoids

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100% Natural-Source Vitamin C plus Full-Spectrum Citrus Bioflavonoids

Natural C + Bioflavonoids provides an excellent blend of all-natural Vitamin C from Acerola Cherries and Amla Fruit plus full-spectrum Citrus Bioflavonoids formulated to supplement the diet or be taken in combination with systemic ProEnzol® products to increase their therapeutic effectiveness.*

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  • Provides Vitamin C naturally found in non-GMO botanical extracts not synthetic Vitamin C obtained from genetically-modified corn chemically processed to yield ascorbic acid
  • Delivers numerous other nutrients and phytochemicals present in Vitamin C-rich botanicals which may enhance the body’s use of Vitamin C as well as confer synergistic health benefits
  • Contributes full-spectrum Citrus Bioflavonoids found with Vitamin C in nature to augment the vitamin’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and cell-signaling properties
  • Supports normal adrenal function by helping to modulate the production of cortisol and catecholamines, having a beneficial effect on the body’s stress response and fatigue
  • Participates as an important co-factor in energy-yielding metabolism of food nutrients
  • Supplements the body’s own antioxidant defense against free radical-related cell damage resulting from normal metabolic processes, illness or environmental factors
  • Helps maintain a healthy immune response to harmful microorganisms and environmental irritants by influencing the proliferation and activity of specialized immune cells
  • Plays a vital role in collagen production needed to build and repair connective tissue as found in skin, bones, joints, discs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels
  • Supports normal cardiovascular function by protecting against oxidative stress and by promoting normal blood sugar/lipid metabolism, endothelial function and blood circulation
  • Exhibits neuroprotective properties helping to maintain healthy cognitive capabilities

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