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Promotes Healthy Immune Responses to Seasonal and Environmental Challenges*

AllerEnz™ provides a highly effective blend of symptom-relieving herbal extracts including Stinging Nettle and Quercetin, plus powerful systemic enzymes from non-animal sources to support a healthy immune response to occasional air-borne seasonal and environmental challenges by helping to maintain a normal production of histamines and cytokines.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Promotes healthy immune responses following exposure to either seasonal or year-round airborne irritants, helping to relieve occasional upper respiratory discomfort*
  • Interacts with proteins involved in antigen-specific IgE antibody formation in plasma cells which may ease sensitization to otherwise harmless substances*
  • Helps moderate histamine production and release from IgE-activated mast cells and basophils, which may lessen symptoms of hypersensitivity*
  • Supports mast cell membrane stabilization by influencing levels of intracellular cAMP and calcium hindering the release of histamine and other pro-inflammatory mediators*
  • Encourages normal capillary permeability aiding mucus membranes in avoiding histamine-induced swelling of the nasal passages and sinuses*
  • Assists in maintaining normal mucus volume, viscosity and mucociliary elimination, which may help resolve excessive nasal discharge and congestion improving nasal airflow*
  • Works with the body to facilitate proper sinus drainage protecting against facial pressure pain*
  • Impacts histamine-induced sensory nerve stimulation and blood vessel dilation which may minimize sneezing and itching of the eyes, nose and/or throat*
  • Participates in managing inflammatory cascades by helping to regulate the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and eicosanoids*
  • Aids in maintaining healthy immune cell activity and clearance of allergens from the body*
  • Supplements the body’s antioxidant potential assisting in attenuating cellular damage caused by allergic inflammation induced by free radicals*

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