Immune URT™

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Encourages Healthy Immune Responses in the Upper Respiratory Tract*

Immune URT™ provides a clinically-effective blend of immune-boosting herbal extracts including European Elderberry and antioxidant nutrients including Zinc, plus powerful systemic enzymes from non-animal sources to address occasional microbial challenges in the nasal passages, sinuses and throat by helping to maintain healthy immune responses.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Boosts immune responses to harmful microorganisms in the upper respiratory tract, helping to ease occasional discomfort*
  • Aids the body in defending against viral assaults, which may reduce their severity and duration, by interfering with viral docking, replication and transmission*
  • Supports healthy innate and adaptive immunity by encouraging production of interferons and activation of phagocytic and white blood cells*
  • Assists in maintaining normal mucus volume, viscosity and mucociliary elimination, which may help resolve excessive nasal discharge, nasal/sinus congestion and coughing*
  • Works with the body to facilitate proper sinus drainage protecting against facial pressure pain and microbial proliferation within the sinuses*
  • Helps manage swelling in the tissues of the ear, nose, sinuses, and throat, and its associated discomfort, by moderating vascular permeability*
  • Promotes normal inflammatory responses by helping to modulate the biosynthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines and prostaglandins*
  • Encourages healthy clearance of undesirable microbes by preventing their adherence to cells lining air passages*
  • Plays a role in preserving epithelial barrier function in the upper respiratory tract*
  • Supplements the body’s supply of antioxidants assisting in the protection of immune cells from free radical damage*

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