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Supports Healthy Renal Filtration and Response to Oxidative Stress*

 Renafiltra™ provides a targeted blend of potent herbal extracts including Red Sage and Grape Seed, plus CoQ10 and pHysioProtease® to promote healthy kidney function by helping to protect against oxidative damage and maintain normal clearance of metabolic waste and excess fluid.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Assists the kidneys in maintaining healthy renal blood perfusion and glomerular filtration rate*
  • Supports normal clearance of creatinine, urea nitrogen, uric acid and other metabolic waste as well as excess water*
  • Promotes normal protein excretion helping to relieve the buildup of fluid in body tissues*
  • Protects renal endothelial cell homeostasis by helping to retain normal regulation of inflammation, thrombosis and complement*
  • Encourages normal immune cell recruitment and disposal of circulating immune complexes aiding in protection against renal fibrosis*
  • Helps preserve the integrity of nephrons and renal tubular epithelial cells*
  • Activates blood microcirculation in the kidneys and protects glomerular capillaries*
  • Exhibits nephroprotective properties by adding to the body’s antioxidant defense against oxidative damage to the kidneys from toxic metabolites*

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