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Promotes Healthy Toxin Elimination and Lymphocyte Activity*

Lymphizol™ provides a synergistic blend of detoxifying botanical extracts including Cleavers and Burdock, plus potent systemic enzymes from non-animal sources to help maintain healthy lymphatic function by promoting normal drainage of interstitial fluids and immune cell responses.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Encourages the lymphatic system to efficiently remove toxic substances and cellular waste from the interstitial fluid helping to maintain normal tissue detoxification
  • Assists in preserving healthy circulation of lymph fluid protecting against lymphatic stagnation or congestion by promoting normal intralymphatic pressure and peristalsis*
  • Helps maintain body fluid balance by stimulating proteolysis and drainage of protein-rich excess fluid in the interstitium which may help relieve fluid retention and swelling*
  • Supports normal lymphocyte and macrophage activity in the lymph nodes focused on destroying or neutralizing harmful microorganisms, foreign substances and rogue cells*
  • Sustains the spleen’s normal blood filtration, red blood cell recycling and white blood cell storage functions*
  • Aids in keeping the blood healthy by supporting the normal elimination of toxins, excess water, salts, and metabolic waste in the urine*
  • Promotes a normal immune/inflammatory responses by assisting in the modulation of leukocyte mobilization and pro-inflammatory cytokine expression*
  • Supplements the body’s own defense against free radical damage to cells by providing powerful antioxidant phytonutrients as well as up-regulation of innate antioxidant enzymes*

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