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Supports a Healthy Menstrual Cycle to Help Relieve Discomfort*

Menstrova™ provides a synergistic blend of potent herbal extracts and natural-source vitamins plus pHysioProtease® to promote a healthy balance of female hormones and prostaglandins which may help relieve the physiological and psychological discomfort often associated with the menstrual cycle.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Aids in avoiding the adverse effects of large fluctuations in the estrogen to progesterone balance at various stages of the menstrual cycle, which may have a beneficial impact on PMS*
  • Focuses on helping to minimize uterine cramping and menstrual-related body aches by positively influencing the release of prostaglandins*
  • Helps maintain healthy neurotransmitter levels during the menstrual cycle easing anxiety, irritability, mood swings, carbohydrate cravings and headaches*
  • Assists in reducing the occurrence of breast tenderness caused by the enlargement of mammary glands in response to a sudden rise in the female hormone, prolactin*
  • Encourages elimination of bloating or weight gain due to water and salt retention caused by female hormone changes*
  • Promotes healthy pelvic blood circulation and normal menstrual flow*
  • Alleviates fatigue and sleep disturbances resulting from menstrual discomfort*
  • Acts on imbalances in estrogen, progesterone and testosterone protecting against sex hormone-induced skin issues*

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