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Encourages Healthy Heart Muscle Function and Coronary Blood Flow*

Cardiovascular provides a synergistic blend of cardiotropic herbal extracts, potent antioxidants, fibrinolytic Nattokinase enzymes, pHysioProtease®, and bioactive nutrients including CoQ10 and L-Carnitine to promote healthy heart muscle and coronary blood vessel function.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Focuses on helping to optimize energy production in myocardial cells*
  • Contributes to oxidative stress reduction in the heart and blood vessels*
  • Promotes healthy coronary blood flow*
  • Helps protect against thrombi accumulation on blood vessel walls*
  • Assists in maintaining normal intracellular calcium concentrations in the heart muscle*
  • Induces systemic cytokine balance resulting in healthy inflammatory responses*
  • Supports serum lipoprotein profiles within normal range*

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