Sugar/Starch DigestEnz™

Dairy FreeGluten FreeSoy FreeVegan

Helps Digest Foods High in Simple and Complex Carbohydrates*

Sugar/Starch DigestEnz™ provides a targeted blend of acid resistant, non-animal derived digestive enzymes with extra Invertase, Amylase, Glucoamylase and Diastase to assist the body’s own enzymes in the digestion of foods high in carbohydrates helping to relieve the occasional gastrointestinal discomfort associated with an inability to properly break down dietary sugar and/or starch.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Helps avoid carbohydrate intolerance and the resulting belching, bloating, nausea, abdominal cramping, flatulence and/or irregularity following a high-carbohydrate meal*
  • Supplies digestive enzymes to break down dietary protein, fat and fiber in addition to sugar/starch-digesting enzymes*
  • Increases glucose availability and assimilation*
  • Assists in reducing sugar cravings and fatigue*
  • Supplements salivary, pancreatic and intestinal brush border sugar/starch-digesting enzymes*
  • Provides digestive support in both the stomach and intestines*
  • Supports optimal digestion of foods rich in refined carbohydrates including, but not limited to, bread, cake, pastries, cookies, bagels, muffins, breakfast cereal, white rice, pasta, pizza, and dried fruit*

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