Specific Enzymes

Protease 100™

Dairy FreeGluten FreeSoy FreeVegan

Augments Gastric, Pancreatic and Intestinal Brush Border Proteolytic Enzymes*

Protease 100 provides highly purified, non-animal derived protease enzymes to augment the body’s own enzymes in assimilating dietary protein when taken with meals, and in maintaining healthy cytokine balance and optimal systemic health when taken between meals.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Contains only protease for more targeted digestive and systemic purposes*
  • Assists in the digestion of protein in foods including, but not limited to, eggs, meat, fish, nuts, oats, milk, cottage cheese, and protein supplements*
  • Increases essential amino acid and bioactive peptide availability and absorption*
  • Helps reduce fatigue and cravings for high-protein foods due to poor protein digestion*
  • Protects against the production of metabolic toxins from undigested protein in the colon*
  • May relieve occasional indigestion, gas and/or constipation resulting from an inability to digest protein*
  • Assists in maintaining healthy inflammatory responses, immune function and blood flow*
  • Supports the use of amino acids to balance the pH and osmotic pressure of body fluids, build and repair tissue, transport calcium, produce energy and form enzymes, hormones, and antibodies*

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