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Helps Manage the Growth of Candida Yeast in the Intestinal Tract*

Candidazol™ provides a clinically-proven blend of anti-fungal herbal extracts including Pau D’Arco and Berberine, plus powerful non-animal enzymes and pH-balancing Caprylic Acid to help restore and maintain a healthy balance of Candida yeast in the intestinal tract.*

Healthcare Practitioner


  • Provides a multi-faceted approach to Candida management reducing the risk of yeast adapting to antifungal agents*
  • Promotes the breakdown of Candida cell walls and membranes*
  • Inhibits Candida conversion from commensal yeast to pathogenic hypha*
  • Prevents nutrients from entering the Candida cell*
  • Impairs Candida biofilm formation and targets existing biofilm for enzymatic degradation*
  • Contributes to Candida cell death by interfering with cellular metabolism and DNA replication*
  • Impedes Candida adhesion to epithelial cells reinforcing intestinal barrier function*
  • Normalizes intestinal pH hindering harmful Candida hypha formation*
  • Strengthens the body’s defense mechanisms against Candida overgrowth*
  • Supports a healthy microbiome by helping to keep Candida in check*
  • Minimizes the adverse effects of free radical-producing toxins released by Candida yeast*
  • May assist in relieving bloating, flatulence, irregularity, fatigue and “brain fog” often associated with an overgrowth of Candida yeast in the intestinal tract*

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